Studying abroad is part of the plans of many students in undergraduate courses or in a specialization, such as a master’s or doctorate. Realizing this dream demands effort, dedication and, in some cases, can count on the support of public and private funding or even scholarships from research agencies. Do you know how you can realize this dream and take a higher education course outside your country?

Why Study Abroad?

The advantages are varied for those who make this decision. Doing a research internship abroad or even a brief exchange, besides adding practical knowledge about different cultures and languages, puts the student in contact with endless possibilities.

Knowing a new culture, people from all over the world and still participating in projects in renowned universities are enriching experiences in life for our student. An opportunity that transforms the Tuiuti egress into a professional better able to understand the world and act ethically and consciously in its role.

Tips to move forward in your career

First, it is very important if you plan. Deciding exactly what to do when you get there, before you even go, is as necessary as the details of your trip or stay. The planning stage requires structuring the fields of interest and priorities.

It is recommended that students interested in participating in a national or international exchange, take the following steps. So here are some tips to help you:

  1. Establish personal planning by deciding your interests. You intend to study languages; attend a school semester; request transfer; attending undergraduate or postgraduate courses? What are your priorities, that is, which countries you want to travel to or the institutions in which you want to study;
  2. Check in the coordination of your course if there are agreements in force in your area and that can fit the established plan;
  3. Carry out a survey of the costs necessary to study in another country. Tuiuti offers a list of countries, government agencies and specific websites.

Promotion of research abroad

One of our main values ​​is to offer its master and doctoral students the best opportunities to develop their research and projects. With this in mind, the institution has partnerships and agreements with several organizations, aiming to improve the development of its students inside and outside the classroom.

And these agreements are not restricted to the national territory. One of the best universities in the country, also offers the possibility of conducting exchanges in universities abroad. A unique opportunity that makes all the difference in training the future professional.

Tuiuti programs and partnerships abroad

Tuiuti has agreements with the following universities and programs

Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Cooperation between universities aims to develop programs of mutual interest in research areas.

Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon – FDUL (Portugal)

The inter-institutional program provides for the exchange of students, faculty, co-tutelas of doctoral / doctoral theses, postdoctoral / postdoctoral regime, admission to free / full teaching exams and others.

Kent State University, USA

The partnership between Tuiuti and the US university is linked to the postgraduate course in Speech Therapy and Communication Disorders and aims to develop the exchange of teachers and students for research and joint publications.